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NEW Amphion Argon 7L Floorstander
March 1, 2014

The new Argon 7L is a wonderful edition to the Amphion range of loudspeakers. The Argon 7L offers transparency and neutrality, but is never dry nor irritating. It offers high level of musicality, but is never coloured.

Very high quality drivers, extremely simple crossover and innovative enclosure structure provide a clean, wide window to all types of music. With high levels of transparency and neutrality, users can discover new joyful things from their favourite recordings. Even the not-perfect ones.

A high 93dB sensitivity allows the Argon7L to work with low powered valve and Class A amplifiers.

The Amphion Argon 7L will be on active demonstration at the New York Audio Show from April 13-15, 2012, associated with Hegel electronics.


HiFiMAN's most affordable orthodynamic headphone, the HE-400
February 1, 2012

HiFiMAN releases the HE-400, their most affordable orthodynamic headphone to date.  This beautifully balanced headphone is also more sensitive than HiFiMAN's more expensive models, thus allowing a much greater variety of amplifiers to be used in tandem with it.  This higher efficiency model should allow a good number of music enthusiasts to appreciate, for the first time, the higher quality sound reproduction offered by HiFiMAN.

Like all HiFiMAN headphones, the HE-400 comes with a high quality detachable cable.







HiFiMAN introduces HE-300, first dynamic driver headphone
November 1, 2012

The newly introduced HiFiMAN HE-300 shares the HE-500's styling, but uses more conventional dynamic driver technology. It's lighter in weight (270 grams), has a leather headband and soft velvet earpads, and comes with a user-replaceable 9-foot-long cable terminated with a 3.5mm plug (and there's a 6.3mm adaptor).  Best of all, the HE-300 offers great value at its entry-level price point.

NuForce introduces Icon iDo for for iPad®, iPhone®
October 1, 2011

A fast and easy connection for audiophile-grade sound.

Using the Icon iDo is simple.  Users can connect any Apple mobile device to the Icon iDo with the Apple® approved and included 30-pin sync/charging cable, attach the power supply, and then plug the Icon iDo into a home stereo system using RCA cables or a single coaxial.  Users can also plug in headphones directly into the Icon iDo for personal high quality sound playback in a manner the artist intended it to be heard.    

HiFiMAN HE-500 orthodynamic headphone
August 1, 2011

HiFiMAN introduces an update to its very well respected HE-5LE model.  The new HE-500 orthodynamic has increased sensitivity, thus is easier to drive than the older model.  Also included with the HE-500 are a set of replacement earpads.  A simply great headphone, with beautiful tone and high resolution.

NuForce NE-700M & NE-700X earphones
July 1, 2011

The NuForce NE-700X and NE-700M Earphones feature wide-range drivers encased in machined aluminum chassis designed to minimize vibration and resonance. The drivers’ titanium-coating delivers an exceptionally clear, extended bass and distortion-free holographic imaging.

The NE-700M Earphones include a hands-free microphone with pick-up button for answering phone calls and operating music playback/fast forward features.


Triangle introduces Color series of loudspeakers
March 1, 2011

Triangle Industries introduces their Color series of loudspeakers, consisting of a bookshelf, floorstander and centre channel.  These models are available in your choice of Piano Black, Red Gloss or White Gloss finish.  Eights coats of lacquer are needed to finish each cabinet.


NuForce desktop and mobile products available
January 1, 2010

We are pleased to have in stock, and available at dealers, the line of NuForce desktop and mobile items, such as USB DACs, headphone amps and earphones. 

Amphion Loudspeakers of Finland now available in North America
December 1, 2010

VMAX Services is proud to introduce Amphion's latest loudspeaker models to North American music lovers.  Amphion, already one of Scandinavia's premier manufacturers of loudspeakers for traditional audio and home cinema use, is now also closely associated with superior desktop audio systems, by incorporating their waveguide technology in their most compact models.

Audio Analogue Crescendo Integrated and CD Player
July 1, 2010

Our new reference for integrated amp and CD player around the $1000.00 mark, the Crescendo Integrated and Crescendo CD player achieve a sound quality easily superior to their price category.  These are full-width components which will be followed by the upcoming Crescendo Tuner with USB input. Available in either Satin Black or Satin Silver finish.

Audio Analogue Enigma Rev 2.0
March 1, 2010

Audio Analogue updates their multifunction Enigma to Rev 2.0 status.  This new model incorporates an improved preamplifier section. Sonically you will hear greater attack in the lower registers and a more sophisticated sound.  New features added are a line input on the front panel, for iPod or MP3 use, a mono out for subwoofer use, as well as an extra input at the rear.  This is an all-in-one unit which sonically compares to separates, a true audiophile product when space is at a premium.

Atohm Zef cable
February 1, 2010

Atohm Zef cable is now available in both interconnect and loudspeaker versions.  The Atohm cable is noted for its dynamic and rhythmic qualities, at a still afforadble price.

Triangle - New Wireless Subwoofer with Remote
April 1, 2009

Triangle is very proud to introduce a brand new remote controlled wireless subwoofer incorporating their latest driver design for the reproduction of bass frequencies.