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Thank you for visiting the VMAX Services website, one devoted to the promotion of quality audio products for the music and home cinema enthusiast.

VMAX Services is a national importer whose product lines are distributed to independent retailers in both the US and Canada.


Although you will notice certain products on this site are of an exclusive nature - due to their high development and manufacturing costs, rest assured high quality audio reproduction can be attained at "down to earth" prices. In order for the high-end audio community to flourish, we must make available to a greater number of people the benefits of quality sound reproduction. For this reason, the products handled by VMAX Services cover an extremely wide range of prices, all the while offering excellent quality at their respective levels.


Enjoy your time with us. For the easiest way in keeping up to date with our latest product news, simply bookmark our main "What's New" page, and click in every so often. Alternatively, you can register to receive our newsletters by including your email address in the box below.

VMAX Services