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Why should I keep my original packaging?

The packaging for your VMAX Services product was carefully designed by the manufacturer of the unit. It was created to withstand the normal abuse any product will go through while being shipped from point A to point B. In the event you move, or sell your unit, the original packaging will better safeguard your valuable electronics from damage in shipping. Thus better to store than to throw away your original packaging.

Do I send in my warranty card directly to the manufacturer?

No. The warranty card and a copy of proof of sale can simply be sent to VMAX Services, who are authorized to handle all product repairs and replacements in the United States and Canada.

The postal address is the following:


VMAX Services
P.O. Box 570
Chazy , NY 12921

Via email:


VMAX Services
CP 8, Westmount Station
Montreal, QC H3Z 2T1

Via email:

Can I receive a copy of a User Manual?

All User Manuals we have on file are available to the general public.  Actually, many of our web pages have the manuals available on the product's own web page, ready for download to your computer, or to print out. If not, simply contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

What is the warranty period for VMAX Services product lines?

Product warranties are the following:

Cables: 5 years parts & labor

Loudspeakers: 5 years parts & labor                                                                         

Electronics: 2 years parts & labor

Portable electronics and headphones: 1 year parts & labor

The warranty period is effective from the date of original purchase, and involves parts & labor on all manufacturing defects. This warranty does not extend to products which have been subjected to modification or abuse. Product warranties are not transferable. Please keep your original bill of sale as proof of purchase.

Where do I send my unit for service or repair?

For either in warranty or out of warranty repair service, please see our Service page.