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Crescendo CD

To think of the Crescendo Cd Player as a “common” high-end player would be misguided. The Crescendo CD Player, in reality, is the result of in depth research and careful attention to detail. In fact, the product has been implemented with technology only previously used in benchmark players, until now. This challenge has been undertaken with the ulterior requirement of maximizing value for money. This has pushed the Audio Analogue designers to develop new circuit solutions and has brought about results which have gone over and above our already ambitious initial targets.

The CD mechanism used is the CD-5010A, specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio application. The CD-5010A has been developed on the basis of a CD ROM mechanism which decreases the rotation speed and improves the reading procedure. This has the particular advantage of cutting down the jitter output level. The Audio Analogue R&D staff have worked with Teac during the developing and testing of the CD mechanism, especially with mechanical and vibration tests.

The Digital to Analogue conversion circuit is composed of a 192KHz/24Bit very low recovery system clock (residual jitter less than 50ps!) Burr Brown receiver and by a 24Bit/192KHz Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture DAC.

In this product Audio Analogue has greatly studied the output stage and a new approach to the design has been developed. We have realized a fourth order active output filter that, together with the inner one pole filter inside the DAC used, forms a fifth order output one. Such high order (usually found only in really very expensive products!) permits increasing the cut off frequency of the output filter with very good results on the audio performances of the unit, especially for the increased precision of the listening stage. The problem of the approach (and that’s why it is usually implemented in higher price products) is the added distortion and noise due to the high number of stages the sound has to pass through. Audio Analogue has used all its experience and technology to design every part of the stage and choose every passive component to reduce, after many hours of work, the overall distortion and noise, this with astonishing results.

The software implemented comes from long and careful research finalized to take advantage of the CD mechanism at its best, for a combination of  excellent audio reproduction and the best CD player management possible. 

Dimensions (Note 1 ) 

3,2 x 17,5 x 13,7 " 






15,0 Lbs 





THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs (Note 2) 

<0,003 % 





THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs (Note 2) 

<0,005 % 





Dynamic range (Note 2) 

97 dB 





Noise level (Note 2) 

-120 dBV 





Output Level (Note 3) 





Digital Output 






Unbalanced Output, Trigger IN & Trigger Out 






CD Mechanism TEAC CD-5010A 








Nota 1   - Height x Width x Depth (H x W x D)
Nota 2   - Band limits 0Hz-22KHz
Nota 3   - Maximum rms voltage output value

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